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How to Increase Vascularity Naturally ?

When it comes to competing whether in bodybuilding or fitness, being incredible vascular brings a whole new dimension to your physique. It creates the illusion that you are leaner and harder than anyone else, plus it makes you look a whole lot more intimidating.

While some athletes are able to achieve this look by simply dropping body fat as their veins are genetically thick and lie shallow under their skin, there are a lot of us, including me, to have to work a lot harder to get our veins pop as our veins are narrower and lie deeper under the skin. That being said, it doesn’t mean that we will never get that vascular roadmap streaking down our physique.


I know, I know. Isn’t that the goal of most guys in the gym? But what I meant is that when you gain size, your muscles will require more blood to function. If you have typically narrow veins, they will be forced to expand in order to deliver the increased blood flow your muscles require. Weight training should obviously be your starting point when trying to boost vascularity.


Another obvious factor you will need to address is body fat. Unfortunately, if you are not lean, then you won’t be vascular. The reason for this is that body fat lies on top of muscle mass and covers veins, so if you are going to get them to protrude, you need to reduce this layer of fat.

Again, because of genetics, some people will start to see a fair amount of vascularity at 10% body fat while others will only get them to pop when they get down to 6% and under. Another factor that influences vascularity is where you carry fat deposits. Personally, I have to drop down to approximately 5% bodyfat to see veins in my quads but I see them on my chest and shoulders at around 8% and on my upper arms at about 10 or 11%.


While compound lifts are great for eliciting gains in size and strength, isolation exercises are an excellent way of forcing blood through the veins into the muscle. By doing this often, you will force the veins in that area to work overtime and expand, thereby promoting vascularity in the long term.


HIIT, or high intensity interval training, involves fast-paced short bursts of all-out cardiovascular training followed by a slow-paced ‘rest’ period. Besides promoting anabolic hormones to maintain muscle mass while burning fat, this type of cardio enhances the body’s ability to transport blood to the muscles. Because of this, you will be able to achieve heightened pumps and a more vascular look.


No I do not mean stop drinking water, but what I do mean is that you must reduce water retention. Similar to fat, water weight tends to sit on top of the muscle and veins. By flushing it out, you will look more vascular. One of the safest and best ways to do this is to either take a natural diuretic and to ensure adequate water intake. I know drinking more water sounds counterproductive, but by ensuring adequate water intake, your body will have no reason to hold onto excess water and it will flush it from the system.

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