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Benefits of "BEING VEGAN"

Veganism is the practice of quitting the use of animals product,particularly in diet . A follower of the diet or the philosophy is known as "Vegan". There are many ways to embrace vegan living , one thing all vegans have in common is a plant based diet , avoiding all foods such as meat , dairy , eggs and honey , as well as avoiding animal derived materials , products testing on animal and places that use animals for entertainment.

Advantages of Plant Based Diet(Vegan Diet)

According to a study switching to a diet centered around plants can accelerate significant performance advantages,providing optimal fuel to muscles , increasing blood flow , making muscles more efficient and speeding recovery by lowering inflammation .These benefits can not only be experienced by athletes , but by anyone wants to feel and perform better in any aspect of their lives.

Optimal fuel

Hardworking muscles run primarily on glycogen , a form of carbohydrates stored in our liver and muscles . Carbohydrates , which comes almost exclusively from plants , also provide our brain with its preferred and primary fuel glucose which helps us stay sharp and focused intense training sessions . Carbohydrates found in whole plant foods , including oats , sweet potatoes , and bananas — are consistently associated with decreased body fat , another advantage for most performance goals .

Increased blood flow

Efficient blood flow is another cornerstone for optimized performance , since blood is how oxygen and vital nutrients reach the cells in our muscles , brain , and the rest of our body , while also helping to eliminate waste . Animal based meals can cripple our arteries , preventing them from fully opening to allow for increased blood flow. Research has shown that just two hours after eating a heavy animal-based meal , arteries can constrict by 40%, essentially causing a traffic jam. The calorie matched plant-based meal allowed them to open freely for quick, easy transit.In plant foods that help keep our blood flowing quickly; there is also a common ingredient nitrates found in plant-based foods like spinach, lettuce, carrots, and beets that actually signals our blood vessels to open, allowing more blood to flow through at a faster pace.

Improved muscle efficiency

The energy reserves our muscles use for intense training or competition are limited , and when we run out , we’ve reached the end of line. The more efficiently our muscles work, the further these energy reserves can take us.In addition to encouraging our arteries to expand, the nitrates found in plant foods also allow our muscles to contract more efficiently, sparing their energy reserves and allowing them to accomplish more work with the same amount of effort . This translates into measurably better performance, whether it’s lifting weights at the gym , playing football, or running sprints.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation Inflammation is our bodies’ natural immune response to injury, foreign invaders, or even exercise. In its acute form, like after spraining an ankle, coming down with a bacterial infection, or recovering from a workout, inflammation is an immediate and necessary part of the healing process.Plant based diet is naturally packed with high doses of anti inflammatory compounds including thousands of powerful antioxidants. Plant based diet on average have 64 times the antioxidant content of animal foods.Numerous studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory nature of plant foods can help decrease soreness, reduce muscle damage, and support recovery — all of which contribute to improved performance.

Healthy eating as a vegan

You can get most of nutrients you need from eating a balanced vegan diet.

For healthy vegan diet

  • eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

  • base meals on potatoes,bread,rice,pasta etc.

  • have some dairy alternatives such as soy drinks

  • eat beans,pulses,peas and other pant based proteins.

  • choose unsaturated oils and spreads.

  • drink plenty of fluids.

With good planning and an understanding of what makes a balanced vegan diet,if you do not plan your diet properly,you could miss on essential nutrients,such as calcium and vitamin B-12.

Vegan sources of calcium and vitamin D.

  • green leafy vegetable such as broccoli and cabbage

  • soy,rice and oats

  • calcium set tofu

  • dried fruits such as resins and dried apricots

Vegan sources of Iron

  • pulses

  • whole meal bread and floor

  • nuts

Vegan sources of omega3 fatty acids

  • flax seed oil

  • rapeseed oil

  • soy oil

  • walnuts

My personal experience with plant based diet/vegan diet.
  • super awesome digestion

  • better sleep/increased deep sleep

  • noticeable gain in stamina

  • less oily skin (clear skin with no pimples/acne)

  • increased mental focus

  • less muscle soreness after intense exercise session

I personally got to know about veganism by a documentary on netflix called "The game changer". I was totally convinced by the facts shown in documentary, so I decided to practice veganism for a month.But its being 5 months and i still don't feel like going back to non-vegan diet . My mind and body genuinely feels great and i do recommend this great diet to everyone.

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